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Better World Tours: Why you should consider us for your retreat

Finding what you love is one thing, bringing people together through it is another. Planning your first retreat is a perfect way to do both. There is no better way to connect with your purpose as an organization than to set apart time to focus, explore new ideas and find inspiration. At Better World Tours, we want to help bring your vision to life and plan the most incredible venture for your clients. We believe that we can elevate your concept into it’s best form while remaining true to all of your needs. We want to take the stress out of planning while making sure you are making the most of your trip as a leader. Below are some benefits of choosing to collaborate with our company for your next retreat.

We give you the time to focus on what you excel in

Whether you are planning a yoga or business retreat - as a leader this is where you shine. As a travel company, we have the years of experience and the contacts from across the globe where we can take the lead on planning. You don’t have to spend half of your day calling AIR B&B’s, hotels, creating itineraries and managing time - this is where we come in to take the stress off of your back. Before and during the retreat, you can set apart time to truly be present with your group rather than being worried about if everything is running smoothly. We will make sure everything is going well and you can take the time ot enjoy your time a little bit more!

We will handle the little things

During a retreat, preparation has to be made to handle the unexpected. Little things will rear their heads - potential payment and flight issues, etc. As a leader, this can throw you off and make you put all of your time in getting everything back to normal. This takes away time from your work and your ability to take part in the retreat. In this case, we will handle all of these issues. In travel, this is a common occurrence. It is not negative but it is extremely time consuming. We are more than content with settling what needs to be settled quickly and easily.


In collaborating with our company, you will benefit from the skills we have acquired over our many years in travel. We have connections all across the world, we have the ability to negotiate and lower prices, and the experience in planning and executing amazing retreats. With our intent to create a better world through these travel experiences, our priority is to make sure you take part in something you will never forget. We understand that some leaders do not want to give up their control in planning in case the travel planner will change their vision. Our priority is to remain 100% true to your vision while elevating in a way that you are happy with. Your vision will never be altered, only enhanced.

You would be connecting with an insured travel provider

Liability insurance is becoming a necessity on trips with ten or more people - and we have everything squared away. Your trip would be completely insured and we would be saving you the process of doing it yourself. This way, everything is covered in a safety net before the retreat starts.

Our mission is to create affordable travel experiences for all

Many companies are wary of connecting with a travel professional to plan retreats because they feel that they will be having to pay extreme prices. The goal of Better World Tours is to grant access to anyone who is passionate about travel to do so. With our connections, our negotiating skills and our experience - we are able to set up an incredible trip for you that does not break the bank. You are not going to be paying more than you would normally and your return on investment will be worthwhile when you see the success of the retreat.

Here at Better World Tours, we want you to have an experience that excites you. We want you feel connected to our world in such a deep way that it awakens something within you. We ourselves are building a positive community with hopes of changing the world and connecting with our own humanity. We want you to leave the experience feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to make a positive change. We hope our impact reaches across the globe with each experience we curate. We want to make lifelong clients and connections and we want to change the world. We believe in you and we believe that our collaboration holds the key to creating a positive ripple effect that is much needed in our society right now. Take a chance on us and we will be sure to prove it to you!

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