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New England

New England includes the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire. As one of the oldest settled regions in the country, New England has a rich, storied history and contains two of the nation’s most historic cities, Boston and Providence. Colonial American history permeates Boston, New England's largest city. The thriving metropolis mixes patriotic tales of Paul Revere with the pageantry of the Kennedys and the pizzazz of contemporary art. From the country stores that brim with cider and gourds, snow-dusted hillsides, miles of blazing autumn foliage, clam shacks, cranberry bogs and an unruly ocean that distinguishes and defines it all - New England – exemplify America at its most nostalgic. 


  • Hiking through the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts

  • Lounging on one of the numerous beaches in Cape Cod, Rhode Island’s most popular vacation destination

  • Taking in everything Boston has to offer, including The Boston Symphony Orchestra, world-class museums, live shows, a lively restaurant scene and the Freedom Trail

  • Sampling the region’s delicious cuisine, which includes lobster, clam chowder, blueberry pancakes and locally brewed beer

Good To Know

  • If you want to experience the famed fall foliage, travel to New England sometime between early September (for the most northern points of the region ) to late November (for the most southern ones).