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Colombia is a wildly beautiful country with cozy colonial towns, lively cities, coastal resorts, historical and archaeological sites, gorgeous beaches, cultural dancing, and delicious food.


  • Spend one to two days in the beautiful Tayrona National Park, a natural treasure with thriving wildlife. Relax on quiet beaches and immerse yourself in nature.

  • Explore the reefs, reggae music, palm tree lined pathways, and white-sand beaches of the island of San Andrés. Also, don’t miss out on swimming with sea turtles! Visit Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park to witness iguanas in their natural habitat, snorkel in the reef, try local drink and food, or just relax on the stunning beaches.

  • Wander through Cartagena, a charming and colorful old town with webbed, cobblestone streets surrounded by colonial stone walls.

  • Bop down to Bogotá to feel the energy of this buzzing capital. Spend time in La Candelaria; the historic downtown, which is a pleasant blend of museums, restaurants, hotels, bars, churches, and colonial buildings. Visit the Gold Museum, a renown site known for its impressive collection of gold artifacts, including pre-Columbian gold and Tumbaga.

  • Discover Cali, or a "Branch of Heaven” – which is known for salsa dancing. Walk along the riverbank, admire architecture and mountainous landscapes, party at music festivals, explore museums, and of course – learn to salsa!

  • Travel to Tierradentro National Archeological Park to see massive, pre-Columbian underground tombs and human figures with painted patterns reflecting social complexities of the 6th and 10th centuries.

Good to Know

  • Some of the finest Colombian dishes to try are Ajiaco, Cazuela de Fríjoles, Arepa, & Empanadas

  • The best time to visit is during Colombia’s dry season: December through March

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