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Dee T.

English Teacher, South Carolina

Alycea is a real pleasure to work with in coordinating educational trips for my students.  Not only is she friendly and personable, she genuinely cares about my students having the best experience possible.  She listens to my requests and makes them happen.  There are three big "musts" for every field trip--are the students safe, are they learning, and are they enjoying the experience?  Alycea ensures that all three areas are met.  I have worked with Alycea for 8 years and every trip I have taken with her has been tailor-made to fit my curriculum and instruction.  The highest compliment you can give a business is recommending them to others, and I have recommended Alycea to many, many fellow educators

Rebekah D.

Director, Global Education, Maryland

Alycea was fantastic to work with and organize a study abroad program and conference for my group of educators which exceeded all expectations. We look forward to working with Better World Tours to create out next program abroad!

Nathan I.

Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Connecticut

Working with Alycea is a positive and rewarding experience. She is a consummate team player and her perception and assessment skills are well tuned to sense her customers' needs and requirements - even those that they may not even realize without her solid experience and deft assistance. During our trips, we always counted on Alycea to handle unexpected emergencies, come up with creative solutions to unexpected itinerary changes or problems inherit with complicated international travel, and perhaps best of all, be the calm voice of reason when chaos reigned. Alycea is a talented, confident and sensitive person whose judgement and insight I deeply value and admire. 

Greg M.

Study Abroad Coordinator, Maryland

As any leader of study abroad and global programs knows, you need to prepare for the unexpected. No matter how well a program is pre-planned, inclimate weather, unexpected hazards, and unplanned travel delays, among other untimely factors, can reap havoc on a program. Alycea has always been someone who is cool under pressure. When changes needed to be made prior to or during the program, "on the fly", Alycea has been a dependable, calm, and professional presence. This is a major reason why I have enjoyed working with her for half a dozen programs. If you have the opportunity to work with Alycea, I recommend that you do so.

Angela T.

Associate Professor Education, Ohio

In 2017, I took 22 students on a trip to England. I turned everything over to Alycea to plan and prepare for us and she did a fabulous job. Communication with her was excellent and she was attentive to details and to answering my numerous questions with tremendous politeness. The trip would not have been so grand without Alycea totally in charge. I'm very grateful for all of her hard work and help!

Kim T.

Congers, New York

Better World Tours organized our family reunion vacation and every detail was meticulously thought out and planned ahead of time. Lines of communication were always open and they took into consideration my family's many conflicting requests while offering great suggestions. We have since used their amazing services for several other family trips, including an upcoming one overseas.

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