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Meet the Better World Tours Founder

We plan inspiring and creative travel experiences for people who share our outlook on the world: that it’s beautiful, worth sharing and preserving, and that travel makes us a stronger worldwide community of people.

Because what are we if not a community of people, sharing our world and our cultures with one another?

Alycea Ench, Founder

Better World Tours was started by Alycea Ench, your passionate travel expert and ideal tour planner.

I have over eight years experience organizing, budgeting, and coordinating educational travel to virtually all corners of the globe. I’ve personally traveled to many of the countries and cities I share with my clients, and this firsthand knowledge helps me create unique, fulfilling group and educational experiences that my clients rave about.

I started seeing the world through many cultures from the time I was 6 months old, when I spent the summer in the shadow of Denali soaking up Alaska's midnight sun.

My family believed strongly in travel and I went on journeys that expanded my horizons and my understanding of different cultures in all kinds of ways, from overnight journeys on the Mexican railway to participating in a coming-of-age Sunrise Ceremony on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.

I started Better World Tours so I could design unique travel experiences for people who share my passion for travel, protecting and sharing local cultures, nature, and wildlife.

What’s been my best travel experience so far?

I spent three months in India for an unbelievable honeymoon with my husband. My favorite moment was when my husband and I planned an impromptu charity concert for the families of Leh India who were affected by the Ladakh Floods, only two days after the flood. Whenever I travel I try to create a better world, and I love sharing that experience with others!

What’s still on my bucket list?

I want to spend a week exploring Petra, Jordan, for the intriguing history and gorgeous neon-pink sunrises!

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