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Easter Island

Discover Easter Island, one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth, located more than 2,000 miles west of South America in the middle of the vast, Pacific Ocean.  


  • Visit Hanga Roa, the main town, harbor, and capital of Easter Island. Located between the Rano Kau and Maunga Terevaka volcanoes, this isolated destination is home to over 85% of the island’s total population. Wander around to discover quaint restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Then, explore the island's beauty via foot, bike, or horseback, depending on the best fit for you.

  • See a Ballet Kari Kari show at an intimate venue to get a glimpse of traditional costuming, choreography, dancers, and singers.

  • Explore Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and protected Chilean wildlife area, which exhibits the legacy of the Rapa Nui culture. It is known for several gigantic Moai statues; or archaeological marvels carved from lava tuff.

  • Visit the sacred village of Orongo. Here, there is a renowned archaeological site of over 50 houses facing the sea, lined up on the edge of a crater, which were destroyed during various European voyages and rebuilt several times.

  • Spend a day relaxing on white-sand beach of Playa de Anakena. Its clear, turquoise waters make it the ultimate spot for diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

Good to know

  • There is an indescribable energy, or "mana," at “Te Pito o Te Henua” (the navel of the world) that contributes to this unique experience

  • Easter Island is the southeast corner of the Polynesian triangle (with Hawaii to the north and New Zealand to the southwest)

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