Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most eclectic countries, known as the birthplace of coffee, and a place of ancient, religious history, beautiful landscapes, and diverse wildlife.


  • Explore Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and cultural hub, with native art exhibits, traditional crafts, prehistoric fossils, and the Addis Merkato - the largest open-air market in Africa.

  • Visit the religiously historical city of Axum, which is believed to be the place which allegedly holds The Ark of the Covenant; Moses’s 10 Commandments. This city is a hidden treasure, filled with sacred churches and stone streets.

  • Visit Lalibela, one of the country's most serene settings, known for its concentration of rock-hewn churches. Then, discover the royal city of Gondar, home to many of the ancient Emperors and Princess.

  • See the beautiful Lake Tana; the largest lake in Ethiopia which forms the main reservoir for the Blue Nile (Abbay) River.

  • Explore the Danakil Depression; a massive, desert plain that is 410 ft below sea level and speckled with sulfur springs, volcanoes, geysers, acidic pools, vast salt pans, and colorful mineral-laden lakes.

Good to know

  • Traditional Ethiopian dishes are eaten with your hands and it’s custom to share

  • The best time to visit is when the country is at its greenest, from mid-October to January

  • The official language is Amharic, but there are over 80 languages spoken in Ethiopia

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