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Visit France to experience its intoxicating spell of beauty, history, romance, beautiful landscapes, fine dining, and exquisite wine.


  • Visit Paris, the city of love, to experience a beauty, romance, and history. Visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens, and more. Take a river cruise along La Seine. Ascend to the top of Montparnasse for an incredible view of Paris, which includes the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy bread, cheese, wine, and for the more exotic – try frog legs and escargot.

  • France is perfect for short trips to coastal cities in the south, such as Marseille, Nice, and Montpellier. These cities offer sandy white beaches, clear blue waters, art, plazas, iconic landmarks, fine dining, and more.

  • Visit Mont Saint-Michel, a magical island in Normandy accessible by car or train. Here, you will discover Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, a medieval monastery and "gravity-defying" religious sanctuary surrounded by water in high tide.

  • Stay in the charming city of Arles to discover winding passageways, cobblestone streets, and windowsills spilling with flowers. Follow the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh and discover your inner artistic inspiration.

  • Visit the Loire Valley for French magnificence, style, fine wine, and gastronomy. Just a short train ride from Paris, this river valley is speckled with banquet halls, the region's châteaux, beautiful vineyards, and sophisticated cities.

Good to know

  • When in France, say "Bonjour!" and learn some basic French. Locals appreciate when tourists try to use the local language 

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