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French Polynesia

Travel to French Polynesia, known for its romantic energy and pure, natural beauty. This remote island is a pleasant combination of volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs, emerald lagoons, and clear waters.


  • Visit Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. Immerse in the incredible mountains, valleys, streams, and waterfalls – all surrounded by turquoise waters. In Papeete, the capital of the island, you can discover outstanding resorts, spas, dining, nightlife, museums, shops and boutiques, and lively markets.

  • Explore French Polynesia’s second largest island, Nuku Hiva, to experience nature at its finest. Soak in the diverse scenery of rich valleys, high waterfalls, basaltic cliffs, sparkling waters with roaring waves, and peaceful bays speckled with sailboats. Discover the island on boat, foot, or horseback.

  • Take a day trip to the turquoise waters of Bora Bora Lagoonarium, where you can swim with exotic wildlife, feed sharks and stink rays, and spot turtles.

  • Go to the island of Rurutu, known as a refuge for whales, for some of the world’s absolute best whale watching.

  • Wander through the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center on Hiva ‘Oa, in the Marquesas Islands. Here, you will find an exhibit of replicas by the painter Paul Gauguin and the “house of pleasure”, where the artist lived, in addition to an arts and crafts center.

Good to know

  • The best time to travel to French Polynesia is April through October.

  • Due to its remoteness and spectacular scenery, French Polynesia is a difficult destination to see a budget – but well worth the experience if it’s feasible.

  • Many commonly wear the national flower, the Tahitian gardenia. Women wear it open and men wear it closed. Wearing it on the heart side indicates you’re taken, while wearing it on the right side indicates you’re single and searching.

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