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Guatemala is an amazing destination filled with ancient Mayan ruins, architecturally detailed churches, colorful markets, colonial towns, beautiful mountains, exotic jungles, and stunning bodies or water. It’s also rich in history, being the birthplace and heartland of ancient Maya.


  • Embark on a boat cruise along Río Dulce to discover riverside homes of indigenous people tucked away in mangroves and mountains. You will sail down the bottom of a deep canyon along waters carpeted with lilies.

  • Stroll along the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan, located in a volcanic crater surrounded by steep hills. Explore nearby Mayan villages such as the town of Panajachel, a bustling town with locals selling traditional textiles.

  • Visit Antigua, a quaint town village for cobblestone streets lined with pastel-colored homes, detailed churches, courtyard cafes, pristine plazas, beautiful flowers, and lovely fountains. This is the perfect place for a walking tour, bike tour, or an authentic Guatemalan cooking class.

  • Attend the famous kite festival in Santiago Sacatepéquez. This festival is held on November 1st in celebration of the Day of the Dead. The massive, colorful, artistic kites symbolize unity, love, faith, and respect for our Earth. They are a spectacular tradition to witness.

  • Explore Tikal, a remarkable temple-city in the center of the Peten jungle. It is known historically for once being a metropolis of 100,000 and home to the Jaguar Clan lords. Now, the mystic city’s enormous pyramids, temples, and palaces are covered in vines.

Good to know

  • Guatemala has been referred to as the “Land of Eternal Spring,” it is temperate year-round, usually reaching the high 70s

  • November is a good month to visit for fun activities such as the kite festival in Santiago Sacatepéquez, as well as Todos Santos Cuchumatán; which is three days of drinking, dancing, and horse racing

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