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India is an absolute wonder which will shift the way you see the world. It’s filled with stunning sights and countless colors. The landscapes range from deserts to mountains to tropical coastlines. The cities are each completely unique in their own way, yet they all share the value of respect for life and family. Here, you will experience various spiritual communities living together in harmony.


  • Float along the famous Alappuzha waterways on a boat tour to discover one of Kerala's most renown destinations. Experience the tranquility and splendor of India’s diverse landscapes of jungles, paddy fields, forests, and tropical coastlines.

  • Travel by train to view India’s gorgeous deserts and majestic mountain ranges, all from the comfort of your window. The Indian Railway is a fantastic way to absorb all this country has to offer.

  • Trek through the Himalayan high mountains. There are various tours to embark on – depending on your skill and intensity level. Walk with an experienced guide and select the experience that best fits you.

  • Take a sunrise and sunset pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal, a world wonder known for the legend of eternal love of an Emperor for his beloved Queen.

  • Engage your senses in a cooking class, where you will use ancient techniques and traditional spices to cook authentic, vegetarian dishes.

  • Visit one of India’s Tiger Reserves and observe these gentle yet fierce creatures in their pristine, natural habitat. There are over 40 reserves to choose from. Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the best, as it’s known for having the highest population of tigers.

Good to know

  • India is the birthplace of Yoga

  • There are over 30 languages spoken in India

  • The best times to visit to spot tigers are from April to June

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