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Visit Ireland, a welcoming country with an emerald-green countryside, breathtaking seaside landscapes, historic sites, traditional culture, live music, and an exciting city life.


The people of Ireland are known for being some of the most hospitable in the world, who are proud to share legends of their country.


  • Stop in Cork, where you can see the Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral. This gothic architectural cathedral dates to 1870, and is built with elaborate stone, vaulted ceilings with detailed paintings, and beautiful, stained-glass windows.

  • Next, visit the renown Blarney Castle and the famous Blarney Stone. Legend has it, kissing the stone will ensure “the gift of the gab,” or great flattery skills.

  • Take a driving tour along the Ring of Kerry, a stunning scenic drive around the Iveragh Peninsula with beautiful coastal landscapes and rustic seaside villages.

  • Discover Ireland's magical Cliffs of Moher. Allow ample time to wonder through the various levels and absorb fascinating views form every angel.

  • Take a ferry to the Aran Islands, an ancient site of rugged cliffs against the slapping sea just outside of Galway Bay. These pristine islands are home to ancient forts, historic churches, remarkable monuments, and the famous Aran sweater.

  • Visit Galway, a city with cobblestone streets, exciting nightlife, small boutiques, and friendly locals. The nearby town of Salthill is a charming town with quaint restaurants and a beautiful promenade along the gorgeous sea.

  • Explore Dublin, Ireland’s bustling city with excitement at every corner. Shop, attend Gaelic football or hurling, explore several iconic sites, listen to live, traditional music, and of course – have a pint of Guinness atop the Guinness Factory while taking in beautiful views of the city.

Good to know

  • The best time to visit Ireland is from April through September

  • No matter what time of year you’re visiting, make sure to wear layers and bring an umbrella

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