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Japan is a destination like no other. It’s timeless yet modern. From the buzzing city life of Tokyo and Osaka, to the serene beauty of the Alps, to the stunning landscapes and gardens throughout the country – Japan has it all.


  • Visit Tokyo, a thriving city blended with night-life, dining, innovative modernism, ancient tradition, and authentic culture. Take a guided bus tour, where you will stop at iconic sites such as the Tokyo Skytree; our world’s tallest freestanding tower, and the Imperial Palace;  a must-see destination in Tokyo's Marunouchi district with gorgeous 17th-century parks, walls, and moats.

  • Step out of the city to engage in the quaint stillness of Takayama. Explore a morning market, visit the Festival Float Exhibition Hall, discover the charming Hida Folk Village, and hike at the Hirayu Fall; one of Japan’s most well-known waterfalls. Top off the day by ascending the Shinhotaka Ropeway to absorb stunning views of the north Alps.

  • Explore Kanazawa, known for the beautiful garden of Kenrokuen, the Ninjadera Temple, and the Higashi Chaya District; filled with traditional teahouses.

  • Discover Kyoto, filled with thatch-roofed houses, authentic teahouses, rice paddies, the poet Basho’s hut, and above all, the “Philosopher's Walk”; a cherry tree-lined canal sprinkled with shrines, temples, gardens and boutiques. Here, you can also watch a geisha perform traditional dances.

  • Immerse in the county’s spiritual roots in Koyasan, the center of Shingon Buddhism.

Good to know

  • Travel in the spring to see the magical pink cherry blossoms

  • Japan is known for their unique pop culture, including Anime, mange, and maid cafes

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