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Jordan is home to mesmerizing historical and biblical sites, vast desert landscapes, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, and ancient cities of religious and political importance.


  • Explore St. George's Church in Madaba, which is home to the Madaba Mosaic Map. This ancient map stretching across the floor is known for being the oldest Palestine map and providing significant historical insights.

  • Visit Jerash, a Roman city of ancient ruins. See iconic sites such as Hadrian’s Arch, fifty-six columns surrounding a prehistoric plaza, and the hippodrome, which once held chariot races for thousands of onlookers.

  • After sightseeing in the heat of the desert, take a dip in the Dead Sea, where you will float in these therapeutic, salty waters.

  • Discover Petra, the Rose City. This city’s name is derived from its blushing sandstone cliffs, canyons, tombs, and temples. You can tour the desert’s tumbling, glimmering dunes on foot, horseback, or four-wheeler.

  • For a purely traditional experience, sleep under the stars of the Wadi Rum desert. The native Bedouin people will serve as your guides as you ride a camel to stay overnight in a cave and soak up some of the most spectacular stars you will ever see.

  • Travel to the coastal city of Aqaba to snorkel in peaceful, clear waters with flourishing marine life, explore the battle site of the Mamluk Castle, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Palm Beach.

Good To Know

  • To respect and consider cultural norms, women should avoid wearing anything revealing and men should avoid being shirtless

  • Do not drink tap water

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