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Isolated from the rest of Africa, this luscious island is a beautiful blend of jungles, white-sand beaches, exquisite nature, and rare animals. Madagascar is the ultimate destination to explore unique and indescribable nature.


  • Explore Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital – filled with history, culture, shopping, dining, and even some wildlife. Walk along the Avenue of the Baobabs, an iconic dirt road lined with mysterious and uniquely formed trees.

  • Discover the Kirindy Forest Reserve – home to animals such as the Verreaux’s Sifaka (a type of lemur), colorful endemic chameleons, and the elusive fossa (a cat-like relative of the mongoose). Visit Antsirabe to learn about the craft of making silk lambas (scarves or stoles) at a local artisan weaving workshop.

  • Explore Ranomafana National Park, known for its incomparable biodiversity. See up to 12 lemur species, including the rare golden bamboo lemur. Weave through trails in Andisabe National Park, a dense rainforest which is home to the indri lemur, the Parson’s chameleon, rare orchids and ferns, sparkling lakes, and the Sacred Waterfall.

  • Last, but certainly not least, explore Madagascar’s rich sea life by fishing or whale watching.

Good to know

  • Madagascar’s isolated evolution contributes to its many unique species

  • Some natives believe the lemurs to be reincarnations of their ancestors

  • The peak time to see the blooming native orchards is between September and January

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