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Pacific Northwest

The lush Pacific Northwest is home to volcanic vistas, pristine coastline, awesome food, abundant orchards and vibrant cities with music and art galore. The region contains two big cities, Seattle and Portland. A visit to the Pacific Northwest is all about the great outdoors; you can hike, bike, kayak and climb in some of the nation’s most mesmerizing national parks. With its off beat character and quirky sense of humor the Pacific Northwest is a charmer.


  • Sailing to the San Juan archipelago

  • Sandboarding in Florence, Oregon

  • Have coffee like a true Seattleite at Cafe Allegro

  • Bask in the splendor of Mt. Rainier

  • Soak in the Umpqua Hot Springs

  • Go Shell fishing

  • Attend a concert at at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in Portland

Good To Know

  • The coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest are best explored during the summer months between June and September when temperatures are warm and rainfall is lower.

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