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United Kingdom

Explore the notable United Kingdom, a beautiful blend of industrial cities, gorgeous countryside landscapes, modern culture, historical gems, and literary sensations.  


  • Explore Edinburgh, Scotland's lively capital and home to cobblestone streets, winding alleys, historic landmarks, exciting festivals, charming shops and boutiques, theaters, museums, fine dining, and a vibrant night life.

  • Stroll through Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens to take a break from the city bustle and discover blooming flowers, green lawns great for picnicking, historic statues, and beautiful views of Edinburgh Castle. Next, visit Holyrood Park to climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano which offers stunning city views.

  • Visit London, England’s capital city with varied cultures and a mixture of modern and historical art, architecture, pubs, and hotels. Opportunities are endless. Take a river cruise along the River Thames, see the iconic site of Big Ben, and stop at the historic Tower of London. Hop into one of the London Eye’s clear bubble rooms to absorb fantastic views of the city skyline from every angle. See a show at Shakespeare's Globe, where Shakespeare is accessible for all.

  • Discover Canterbury for a truly charming experience. This quaint town was known as a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages and is home to the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, cobblestone streets, picturesque shops and restaurants, spectacular architecture, and renown buildings.

  • Visit Bath - a city created for relaxation during Roman times, known for its thermal hot springs. After soaking up some relaxation, explore the museums, galleries, theatres, music, and sports. Bath is also known for its exciting, year-round festivals!

Good to know

  • Wear layers and bring an umbrella

  • Temperatures are generally consistent throughout the year, yet late March to early June or September to November are when it tends to be warmer and dryer

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